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Thank you so much for all your support. <3

Cont: I didn’t have the extra money to buy a bitless bridle so I turned my dressage bridle to a bitless. If you want I could show you how I made it if you are interested. But the bit is all I can think of with the rearing issue, unless she just does it to test you.”

I tried loads of different bits. We tried trainers. Hackamore. Bitless.

This was MONTHS ago. Mona is no longer with me. 

It was NOT a bitting issue. It was a her and I issue. 

I’m on a commuter bus. Its an hour ride. I’m panicking over the thought of someone sitting beside me. I have my bags on the 2nd seat but I don’t want people to be mad at me for taking two seats…

I just need a big sign that says “social anxiety.”



which boob is the clitoris